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An NFT Project By Creators, for Creators.

Minting is currently LIVE. But act fast - less than 30% are left!

We're sharing the tools we built and the skills we learned with all of our rat holders so more artists can make generative art and NFTs.

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Aww, Rats! strongly recommends using the Umbria Narni Bridge.

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What are Aww, Rats?

Established in August '21, Aww, Rats! are a pack of 1,000 adorable Rats, minted on the Polygon network.

We chose Polygon because of its environmental efficiency as well as its affordability in comparison to Ethereum.

Each Rat is unique and randomly generated with a ton of different colors, clothes, accessories, and rattributes.

Owning a Rat gives you access to all sorts of fun benefits immediately, such as:

  • Free access forever to any dApp we end up creating
  • Free access to Rat Guilds where you can align yourself with other Rats, competing in weekly fun games for prizes
  • Free access to our design tools in Procreate (iPad) to help get you started with creating your own project
  • Free access to participate in unique competitions to win a custom 1/1 Rat, drawn to your specifications
  • Monthly airdrops of additional NFTs as we continue to expand the Aww, Rats! universe (coming soon)
  • Note: Owning a Big Cheese Rat will give you access to our most exclusive Discord channel where you can participate in regular voting on Roadmap items, receive early access to product development, and more.
Some images of sample rats
Aww, Rats! Logo


A brand new Roadmap for 2022 is coming soon! Have questions or suggestions? Join our Discord and let us know. Until then, here's a recap of just some of the most notable milestones...

Aug 27, 2021First prototype of an Aww, Rats! NFT was minted.
Oct 4, 2021Aww, Rats! officially launches on Polygon! The collection is born.
Oct 11, 2021Our first dApp, the Closet, was released. Dress up your Rats in fun clothes, accessories, backgrounds, and save it as a brand new Profile Picture.
Nov 5, 2021Our second dApp, the Den, was released. Showcase any NFTs you have (Rats or otherwise) in your very own special alleyway in the Aww, Rats! sewer.
Dec 6, 2021Version 2.0 of the Closet dApp is released, starting the Aww, Rats! partnership program. Any artist can now contribute to the Aww, Rats! Closet dApp in order to have their designs minted as NFTs, earn passive revenue on each sale, and have their creations purchased and shown off by any Rat holder.
Dec 17, 2021Aww, Rats! makes the main GitHub repo opensource. It is now freely accessible for anybody to review, contribute to, or fork as a starting point for their own project.
Jan 29, 2022Aww, Rats! teams up with the nonprofit organization Music in Motion raising over $1,000 for the charity in one weekend.
Feb 23, 2022Our third dApp, the Rat Race, opens for Alpha testing. The Rat Race is an interactive RPG-style game, requiring you to put your Rattributes to the test in order to complete various challenges.
The geneRATor machine.

The GeneRATor

The geneRATor is the tool that creates our rats. It designs a rat, assigns it rattributes, creates a backstory for it, and once it's sure the new critter is unique it to the blockchain.

The best part? The geneRATor is opensource and can be accessed by anybody for their own use.

Rat Pieces

Each rat is made up of a number of pieces, some of which appear every time, and some which only appear sometimes:

  • Background color.
  • Fur color.
  • Eyes.
  • Tail style.
  • Ear.
  • Facial expression.
  • Shirt.
  • Hat.
  • Glasses.
  • Accessory.


Every rat has a variety of rattributes based on the pieces they're made up of.

  • Rat type: A rat can be a street, lab, pet, or pack rat based on their dominant rattributes.
  • Cunning.
  • Cuteness.
  • Rattitude.


Based on the type of rat that's created, the geneRATor writes a backstory that describes the rat's backstory.

We are aww about Community.

Whether you own an Aww, Rats! NFT or not, when you step into our Discord, or follow us on Twitter, you are part of the Rat Pack.

Twitch Streams

We stream live from Twitch every Monday and Wednesday at 9PM ET, at minimum. This is our chance to give development updates, play games with our community, and do some drawwing on stream. In fact, some of the items you see in these Aww, Rats! NFTs came from suggestions from chatters in our earliest live streams!

Rat Races for custom 1/1 NFTs

After every 100 Rats that get minted, we run a unique competition inside of our community. The winner of each competition ultimately gets to specify what they would love to see in a custom 1/1 Rat. Not only do these rarities look different from any other Rats, but their rattributes are stacked! This comes in handy particularly for the Rat Race dApp.

Rat Guilds

There are four different types of Rats that exist: Pet Rats, Pack Rats, Street Rats, and Lab Rats. Rat owners are invited to join up with the guild that they align with most inside of the Discord. Rat Guilds compete in specific events to earn extra prizes, individually and as a team.

Creator Tools

We want to do everything we can to help our community members succeed with their own projects. We are here for you! We have channels setup in our Discord specifically to chat about questions around the development, design, and minting of an NFT project. We stream tutorials on Twitch, publish tutorial videos to our YouTube channel, and make our tools opensource. If you are looking to start your own project, hop in our Discord and let us know.

Rat Benetar
Rat Boi
Rat Sajak
Ratrick Stewart