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An NFT Project By Creators, for Creators.

We're sharing the tools we built and the skills we learned with all of our rat holders so more artists can make generative art and NFTs.

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If you only have ETH on the Ethereum main network, you will need to bridge it to Polygon.

Aww, Rats strongly recommends using the Umbria Narni Bridge.

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What are Aww, Rats?

They're a pack of programmatically generated NFT rats on the Matic blockchain. We chose Matic because it has extraordinarily low gas fees and uses significantly less electricity than the ethereum mainnet.

Each rat is unique and randomly generated with a ton of different colors, clothes, accessories, and attributes.

Owning a rat gives you access to tools to build your own project (coming soon), educational resources and tutorials, and a community of other creators.

Some images of sample rats
Aww, Rats! Logo


The first generation of rats includes 1,037 programmatically generated rats.

Presale Complete

We were initially going to sell 99 rats directly through OpenSea but found the OS shared contract didn’t give us what we need. Instead, we stopped minting our Big Cheese rats after 37. Big cheeses can be purchased on the secondary market and come with these benefits:

  • Includes an exclusive torn ear, big cheese attribute and icon.
  • Access to Looks, the tool we built Aww, Rats with (when it’s ready) for as long as the application exists.
  • Access to a special discord channel to help shape the future of Aww, Rats.
  • Stake in our SeaGals derivatives project.
  • Access to the Closet dapp prior with accessories to dress up and decorate your rat as soon as it rolls out.


Rat #Cost to Mint
1 - 99Free
100 - 1980.01ETH
199 - 3970.02ETH
398 - 9900.03ETH


10%We'll hold our first rat race, the winner will get a custom designed rat minted.
After every 99 mintsWe'll randomly select 1 holder to get a custom rat of their choosing added to the generation (and their wallet at no additional cost). The pieces will get added to the generator library so the community will be directly contributing to the rats.
25%Our closet Dapp will release for all holders to add new accessories to dress up and decorate their rats. We will be dropping new accessories in the closet regularly.
50%New alleyway in the sewer opens up.
100%We’ll build out the next generation of rat races and dapps we have planned.


When you pick up a rat, you get access to our fantastic community of creators as well as all sorts of other benefits like:

  • Access to games and dapps that we build in the aww rats metaverse.
  • Access to tutorials and resources we create to help NFT and generative art creators design, build, and promote their projects. We share our process freely so you don’t have to make the mistakes we did already.
  • Access to our discord full of creators and interesting little vermin.
  • Discounted access to Looks, the tool we built Aww, Rats with (when it’s ready).
  • Access to a special Aww, Rats collab with one of our favorite projects.
The geneRATor machine.

The GeneRATor

The geneRATor is the tool that creates our rats. It designs a rat, assigns it rattributes, creates a backstory for it, and once it's sure the new critter is unique it to the blockchain.

The best part? We're going to open up our geneRATor our holders so they can make their own creations.

Rat Pieces

Each rat is made up of a number of pieces, some of which appear every time, and some which only appear sometimes:

  • Background color.
  • Fur color.
  • Eyes.
  • Tail style.
  • Ear.
  • Facial expression.
  • Shirt.
  • Hat.
  • Glasses.
  • Accessory.


Every rat has a variety of rattributes based on the pieces they're made up of.

  • Rat type: A rat can be a street, lab, pet, or pack rat based on their dominant rattributes.
  • Cunning.
  • Cuteness.
  • Rattitude.


Based on the type of rat that's created, the geneRATor writes a backstory that describes the rat's backstory.

A curious rat face


What the heck is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital marker stored on the blockchain. NFTs can be representations of digital artwork, physical things, and even membership cards that offer someone access to content.

In our case, the NFT proves your ownership of your unique image which can compete in our regular Rate Race. The neatest part? You can trade with others and grow your collection over time.

What does programmatically generated mean?

It means that the images are assembled by an algorithm from a set of parts. Think of it as a Potato Head, with a basic shape (potato) and holes for different pieces to go into. We drew a ton of different parts (hats, eyes, accessories, pets, backgrounds... 12 categories in all) and built a geneRATor to pick pieces from each category and build images.

Rat race trophy

Welcome to the Rat Race.

When you own an Aww, Rat you automatically get an entry into the Rat Race - a regular competition between rats, with fabulous trash prizes.

What can I win?

Each competition will have its own type of prize you can win - from a custom-drawn Aww, Rat NFT to crypto cash prizes and more!

How can I compete?

Just by owning an Aww, Rat token you are automatically entered into the Rat Race!

n the future, we will have different types of competitions that you may need to enter in order to compete in.

Where are the competitions held?

Rat Races will be streamed live on Twitch so you can cheer your favorite rat on.

Whether your own little Rat is competing, or if you just want to spectate and catch the competition, it's a great way to catch up with everybody else in the Rat Pack.

Do I need a Rat to join?

Absolutely not! If you just want to watch the competitions and cheer on your favorite Rat, you can absolutely do that. As a spectator, you can even place bets on who you think will win so that you can join the Rat Race for yourself from the stands.

Rat being said, it does make it more fun if you have one...

Rat Benetar
Rat Boi
Rat Sajak
Ratrick Stewart